CSR 2015

Agape Shelter Kluang is a welfare home for poor underprivileged children. It was established in the year 1990 and currently has 18 underprivileged children with age ranging from 6 to 20 under its care. The community provides a conducive and homely environment for the healthy emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of the children and to reach out and to touch the lives of the children in partnership with the public. It is managed by a Board assisted by 4 full time staff and 5 volunteers.All the expenses are funding from public donations and Government annual grants. Fibon Berhad has made regular visits and contributions to the shelter home.

The Miriam Home for the aged, established in the year 1982, is located along the Kluang - Air Hitam Road, It is operated by the Canossian Sisters assisted by workers and volunteers. It provides the much-needed shelter for the poor and elderly of all races and religions who are either alone in the world or abandoned by kith and kin. The residents at this home are all senior citizens in their twilight years, with the “youngest” being 65 years old and the most senior at 101 years old. Most do not have the means to support themselves. Miriam Home provides them with a better living environment, whether emotionally, physically or spiritually. Miriam Home is the place where they can spend their twilight years in comfort, interaction with other people of their age and to receive visitors as well as volunteers from non-governmental organisations who come by to cheer them up. We at Fibon Berhad, as a part of caring community, pay regular visits and make donations to the Miriam Home.


Che Luan Khor Dialysis Centre is a non-profitable and charitable organisation located in Kluang in the state of Johor. It was incorporated in Malaysia in August 1998 to provide haemodialysis services to the needy. Che Luan Khor Dialysis Centre is equipped with the latest medical equipment for haemodialysis treatment. The centre is managed by a group of professional personnel such as Medical Doctor, Registered Nurses and Experienced Technicians and assisted by around 200 volunteers to provide excellent treatments for some 75 haemodialysis patients. The centre caters to around 30 patients on daily basis. Fibon had given donation with the hope to ease their medical expenses.


Kiwanis Club of Kluang Mandarin was established in the year 2007 with the mission of providing support and assistance to persons with physical disabilities. Their main aims are providing day care services and simple education for the disabled people. Currently there are around 33 disabled persons ranging from 7 to 40 years olds attached to the club. It has a team of 7 teachers, 1 administration staff and 2 volunteers helping out at the club. Kiwanis Club has been a very active club for the last 10 years. It has held various activities for the unfortunates and together with their families. Fibon as part of caring community, paid a visit and donated small token of contribution.

Handicapped and Disable Association State of Johore (Kluang) is a charitable organisation for the physically and mentally disabled person of all ages, races and religions in Malaysia. It was officially opened on the 16th July, 2008. The organisation aims at providing a shelter and home for the forgotten citizens of our society, providing them with daily needs and neccessities, foods, clothings and medical attention. Currently it is taking care of 25 handicapped and disabled persons of different races and genders with age ranging from 13 to 72 years old. The organisation has total of 8 staffs and workers including a cook, a teacher, a nurse, 2 day caretakers and 2 night caretakers to look after the residents in this home. The center also provide teaching and training to the handicapped and disabled persons. It depends fully on donations and contributions from governmental and non-governmental organisations for the daily running of the home.Fibon as part of caring community, paid a visit and donated a small token of contribution to the home.

PertubuhanKebajikan Anan-AnakYatim Damo, Kluang is a non-profitable welfare home for orphans and single family children. It was established about 10 years ago and currently has 18 children (single family and orphans) of different races and faiths staying at the center. The center was established with the aim of providing a home and education for the needy. Currently there are only 2 volunteers including Mr Damo helping at the center. Fibon Berhad has made regular visits and contributions to the center.


Mdm Lee Meh Yen was diagnosed with cancer of the colon and undergone surgical operation in October 2014 to remove the tumors. During the operation, a section of the colon was removed and reconnection of the colon was not possible. After the surgery, normal passing of body waste was not possible. Daily passing of body wastes has to be done through an opening in the wall of the abdomen. Special adhesive and plastic bags are required to be fitted to the abdomen to collect the waste.The costs of these special plastic bags are huge and are a burden to Mdm. Lee Meh Yen. She needs a daily constant supply of these plastic bags and find it difficult to afford to buy them. Fibon has come to know of her difficulty and predicament and has come up with some funds and donated some special plastic bags for her daily use.


Mr Chay Yong Koy, a father of three girls of age 4, 11 and 14 years old, was diagnosed withstage 4 cancer of the lymph in April 2014. The cancer had since spread to the nose and eyes causing the right eye blinded. He had to go through 25 rounds of electrotherapy follow with another 6 rounds of chemotherapy to treat the cancer.The enormous medical expenses were too much for his meager income working as a laborer and fruit harvester in an oil plant plantation. He urgently needed contributions from whoever or wherever to lighten the heavy burden from the medical expenses.Fibon has come to know of his predicament and has donated some contribution to help in the medical expenses.