Fibon UK Limited (6415424)

Fibon UK Limited ("Fibon UK") is the technology center for the research and development of electrical equipments and new polymer matrix used in electrical industry. Mr. Richard Foster Holly, the director for Fibon UK, was the pioneer in the development of the Fibon LogiCube Explosion Proof Switchboard System and formulation of the Fibon advanced polymer matrix fibre composites.

For over 20 years Fibon UK has specialized in the formulation of high grade advanced polymer matric fibre composites used in the manufacturing of the electrical insulation materials. With its extensive experience and thorough understanding of the requirement in the electrical industry, Fibon UK has developed the Fibon LogiCube Explosion Proof Switchboard System precisely meeting the stringent demands for high quality and reliability in the electric industry.

Fibon UK has been in the front line of the cutting dege technology in the electrical industry. Over the years, Fibon UK has assisted customers to overcome a wide variety of daunting technical problems and challenges. Fibon UK firmly believes that these challenges are one of the key factors which position us ahead in the fast evolving and highly innovative industry.

With its office located at Midland, United Kingdom, Fibon UK is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fibon Berhad. It has since extended its operations to Asia and other regions and with supporting centers in South East Asia.